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Oh boy, Boy Scouts!!

Today my Toots met a really nice guy named Tim. He’s a Cub Scout Master in Mt Holly where me an’ my Toots live. She talked to him and he’s gonna see if maybe some of them older boy scouts might wanna come help out with my training by takin’ me on walks and playin’ with me to tire me out and stuff. It sure would help my Toots if I could get my zoomies out. I focus better when I ain’t got no zoomies…

So if you’re from the Boy Scouts, and you’re lookin’ to help us, please email my Toots right away!! Her address is, and her name is Mae. She’s real excited, and so am I!

I can’t wait to meet yous guys!!

Me holdin’ a Sit + Stay at the BBQ & Blues Festival in Mt Holly today


Monster Mania was a blast!!

I just got home from Monster Mania with my Toots and my GToots. We went so I could practice how to be a good workin’ boy at a convention, and Toots says I did a super good job! Well, ok…maybe I did kinda eat some trash off the ground, and maybe Toots had to kinda stick her hand down my throat once or twice…but other than that I was a super good boy! I listened, I did my commands, I didn’t bark or jump or tug on my leash or nothin bad. I was a good, good boy!

Too bad Toots didn’t get no pictures. She tried to take some, but her camera is messed up again.

Dress to Impress

Hey, yous guys! Guess what? My Toots set up a calendar so yous can all know when we’re gonna go out and do stuff where you can come too, AND she made me a store so yous can all dress alike and be my entourage.


Hey, it’s all about me, right? 😉

I am pooped!!


As you can see by this picture, I had an outing today. My Toots tried to get video, but her phone ain’t workin’ right, so she couldn’t. But we went for a LOOOOONG car ride to see my Uncle Jo’s new digs (real nice, I tells ya), and then we went to Target. At Target I showed off my awesome “Sit” skills and we met a whole bunch of little kids and my Toots, what a swell gal she is, she taught them how to give me treats and how to pet my shoulders so it ain’t scary to me (sometimes I don’t like getting pet over my head). Now I am POOPED!!! So pooped, I don’t even want my bacon bone.


A study in “go lay down”


Toots is having a real hard time gettin’ started today, but we’re trying to make the most of it. Here I demonstrate my “go lay down” skills. (I like these skills, they’re comfy.)
She says later we’re going to work on Stop/Stay/Come. That’s fun cuz Toots walks backwards to do that one, and she almost always bumps into the wall or furniture or something. My Toots! What a funny gal!!

We’ll try to get some video of me doing my training later so you can see us at work. 🙂

Hello, Everybody!

Today my Toots sat me down and said, “Mojo,” she said. “Mojo, we gotta step it up, buddy. It’s been a year and you’ve made some progress, but I know you’re capable of so much more. I think we need to get more serious about your training.”

Why does that not sound good? At ALL?!

So, we sits down together on the poof, and she opens up her laptop and says, “Mojo, we’re going to start a blog for you.”

“You can’t stay off the internet, can you, Toots?” I says. “You’re bored, ain’cha?”

“Shut up. This is a constructive way to develop my writing skills, while simultaneously creating a small sense of accountability for me in regards to your training. This is good for us!”

“Whatever helps you sleep at night,” I said, and then I farted. Because I’m a dog, and that’s what I do.

Anyway, apparently all this excitement means Toots went out today and bought a bunch of new treats! There’s the delicious stinky fish treats (which I love so much, I gotta kiss Toots right away to thank her – why don’t she like that??), and these new ones that taste like bacon and make Toots gag and make faces when she opens the bag. Man, I love that stuff! I bet all I gotta do is some silly stuff like sit or go over to my bed, or something easy like that. Man I tell ya! My Toots can be a real push-over with those….oh hey Toots, you’re typing this for me cuz I ain’t got no thumbs. Riiiiiight. Oops.

Something tells me tomorrow is gonna be hard work!